Low and No Cocktails

For those wanting to remain dry for the beginning of the year, we offer you ‘NO!’ a small list of thoughtful cocktails with no alcohol… And for those wishing to start off the new year with the best intention, but who need a little help, we have created a small list of lower ABV drinks… Enjoy.  

Low(er) Alcohol

Lowsie Highball 11

Marigold infusion, chamomile, reduced Monkey Shoulder whiskey, elderflower & soda.

Pine Cone Lemonade 10

Prosecco, pine infusion, Bombay Sapphire gin, elderflower.

Strawberry 10

Preserved strawberry cordial, strawberry leaf distillate.

Pollen 11

Prosecco, Fino sherry, dill, pollen.

Low Ball 10

Amer Picon, reduced IPA, red currant, soda.

Mango Wine 10

House-made mango wine, Cynar, elderflower & soda.


NO Alcohol. All 7

Electric Coriander Colada

Clarified pineapple, toasted coconut infusion, coriander, soda.

Garden Spritz

Roasted red pepper purée, orange, elderflower, soda.

Mind Your Peas & Q’s

Non-alcoholic spirit, sugar snap pea & mint infusion, tonic.

Pine & Apple Swizzle

Pine needle cordial, green apple, IPA reduction & acid.

No Show

Date cordial, ’blanc de blanc’ (non-alco wine), verjus, bubbles.


Cucumber water, lychee, super-sec dry essence, floral cordial