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The Best Negroni in London: Duck & Waffle
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The Best Negroni in London: Duck & Waffle
Apr 08, 2016

Duck & Waffle recently launched its new Urban Foraging vs. Urban Decay cocktail menu, featuring an unlikely line-up of ingredients including bark, pine, pollen and ants. 

Sound tempting? No? Well actually, we can confirm that these inventive concoctions are utterly moreish, expertly curated by the restaurant’s head of cocktails, Richard Woods (an apt surname perhaps).

The menu highlights ingredients foraged both in the city and the country and was created in order to explore the importance of ‘Urban Foraging’ and demonstrate how palatable these overlooked ingredients can be. 

The Woodland Negroni is mixed with ‘damp gin,’ Campari, sweet vermouth and formica rufa infusion, slow dripped through layers of nature (think moss). 

Woods is considered by many as the Heston Blumenthal of the cocktail world, and his madcap Duck & Waffle menu already boasts a selection of imaginative drinks, including an Artichoke Negroni; a campari-drenched tribute to the humble vegetable. 

Enjoy your daring drink on the 40th floor of the sky-high Heron Tower building, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the entirety of London. 

Mesmeirising views are coupled with an experimental menu, played out within a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, which ensures that a night at D&W is utterly memorable.