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Duck & Waffle’s New ‘Origins’ Menu
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Duck & Waffle’s New ‘Origins’ Menu
Jun 16, 2017

Avocado; the most revered and treasured of all the fruits (at least amongst the middle class). Described as the poor man’s butter you can eat it with a spoon, smash it on toast or even chuck it in your brownie recipe but now there is a new way to get your avo fix; in a cocktail.

Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development at Duck and Waffle, Rich Woods, is taking single ingredients and finding inventive ways to use every part of them for their new cocktail menu ‘Origins’. The avocado cocktail for example comprises of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, avocado liqueur, ‘super-dry’ avocado pit bitters and Prosecco. This menu follows on from Duck & Waffle’s previous ‘Urban Foraging vs. Urban Decay’ menu where Rich used ingredients sourced in London including tree bark and formica rufa (wood ant), along with discarded food elements such as banana skins and burnt toast – whatever happened to a good old cosmopolitan?

Rich wants the multi-dimensional cocktails ‘to show the various levels and complexity of flavour that could be obtained from multiple elements of a single source’. Other intriguing offerings available include Coffee made with roasted coffee bean Jack Daniels, spent coffee grinds, toasted coconut shell liqueur, coffee and tropical fruit skin fermented concentrate, and Red Pepper made with blanched red pepper skin, Russian Standard Platinum vodka, Noilly Prat Dry vermouth, leftover-red pepper stalk and seed cordial, red pepper vinegar and prosecco which is supposed to be similar to a wine-style spritz cocktail – perfect during the warmer months.

The Origins menu will be available through the summer.