Introducing – Origins
Introducing - Origins

Known for his inventive and creative style, Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development, Rich Woods, is breaking flavour barriers yet again with his new Origins menu.


Beverages featured on this new menu spotlight one single ingredient being used in its 360° entirety to create a series of delicious, multi-dimensional cocktails.


‘Origins takes the ideas and cornerstones of our previous menu one step further. Not satisfied with using just leftover or wasteful produce, showcased in our previous ‘Urban Decay’ menu, I wanted to show the various levels and complexity of flavour that could be obtained from multiple elements of a single source.’

– Rich Woods, Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development


Amplifying the individuality of the Coconut, Tomato, Avocado and more, Rich is pushing his penchant for cocktail exploration further and taking us with him. Join us as we take a deep dive into the extraction of flavour, one ingredient at a time.


Standouts from the menu include the “Olive,” created with Olive Campari, Olive Leaf Martini and Olive Branch Dry Bitters for a long, rich cocktail, packed with flavour while the “Lime” uses not only the juice of the fruit but the leaf and the husk as complements to the innate sour flavours of the citrus. Rich maximizes the use of his favourite ingredient in the “Red Pepper,” using the skin, ends and even a red pepper vinegar to create a light and refreshing wine-style spritz cocktail that’s perfect for the summer.




See the full menu: Origins Menu.