Introducing Duck and Waffle Local
Introducing Duck and Waffle Local

There is so much to say about our new offspring, Duck & Waffle Local-opening in May in Piccadilly’s newly redeveloped St. James’ Market-it’s hard to know where to start.


First off, we’re really excited – which is always a great place for anything to start: Opening a more casual version of our 24-hour sky-high eatery and bringing our playful approach to gastronomy “to the street” is a dream come true for our team.


Here’s the concept: Duck & Waffle Local is a new fast casual, chef-curated restaurant (overseen by Duck & Waffle Chef Director Dan Doherty) – with the mighty duck at its core.


What’s different about this locale? It will offer a more accessible, speedier and more cost friendly format where guests can order at the counter before being shown to a table—or opt for a new takeaway service by collection for time-pressed customers on the go. We’ll be open early morning to late night with breakfast and all day menus (not quite 24 hours – but close!).


And it’s all happening in St James’s Market, a new landmark destination in Central London (near the West End) set within over half an acre of revitalised public space complete with world-class dining and retail.


The Food: Duck is ready for its close-up


This new eatery is the first fast casual restaurant centered around the unsung hero of poultry: the duck. Following in the footsteps of its parent brand, Duck & Waffle Local will also emphasize local, rustic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.


New items include The Duck Burger with crispy duck leg, and a Duck Jam Doughnut, which reimagines sweet-meets-savory cravings. The original and much-loved Duck & Waffle will also be on the menu. Accompanying the ‘duck centric’ menu will be fresh and seasonal vegetables such as Grilled Sprouting Broccoli with chilli, garlic, lemon and almonds or Baby Spinach with peas, avocado, grains and seeds.


If you’re an original Duck & Waffle fan, you’ll be happy see several signature Duck & Waffle dishes on Duck & Waffle Local’s menu, including the BBQ Spiced & Seasoned Crackling Pigs Ears, and the Full Elvis, a peanut butter & jelly ‘buttered’ waffle with vanilla cream, peanut brittle, fresh berries and caramelised banana.


The Drink: Introducing ‘Taps & Tails’


Award-winning Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development Rich Woods will continue to push beverage boundaries at our new outpost.


Rich’s carefully curated ‘Taps & Tails’ menu delivers a creative range of unique on-tap cocktails ready to go at the pull of a tap. Local brews include the Holy Duck IPA and Local Lager, in addition to a select list of wines.


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